All adverts are free to post on DailyAds website, but if you want a little more out of your ad, then you will need to purchase any of the following advertising services.


(i) Premium at ZAR356 per 30 days
(ii) Top Ad feature is ZAR115 per 30dys
(iii) Highlighted Ad costs ZAR20.00 per 7 days


(i) Premium ad Feature

Premium ad cost only ZAR356 per 30 days, and will remain premium until it expires afetr 30 days.
Premium ads are those ads that display at the top of the page. These ads will display on the Homepage gallery of the website and also on every listing page. Note that a premium ad will show on sub-pages and not just on the home page.
These ads give you maximum exposure to the visitors to our website. The orange Premium Icon helps your ad to stand out on the search results pages 


Our Premium ads:

  • Premium  ads are the first thing people see when visiting the websites homepage gallery
  • Premium ads are prioritized above ALL other ads in display
  • After a few days your ad will not sink  or drop to the bottom of the listings
  • Search results always display premium  ads first, if a premium ad matches the search criteria
  • Premium ads always display at the top of any category.
  • Premium ads will be the first in any list when the users are just casually browsing ads.


(ii) Top Ad feaure

After placing your ad or during the process, you have the option of making your ad move to the top of the listing. When you purchase the Top Ad feature, your ad will be placed not only in the regular listings, but a second copy will also be placed in the “Top Ad” section, which can be found at the top of a category listings page. Note that Top ad will not appear in the homepage gallery, but only in the search/browse listings. See more infrmation in the Terms and conditions.
Top Ad feature is ZAR115 per 30dys, after 30dys your ad will be dropped from the "Top Ad" section, only the regular copy of your ad will remain in the listins.


(iii) Highlighted Ad feature

Highlighted ad stand out from the rest of the many advertisements. The Highlight Ad feature will highlight your ad in yellow in both the search and category listings. This makes your ad stand out against other ads in the category to help gain more views and responses.
Highlighted Ad costs ZAR20.00 per 7 days( weeks).

For for information, check out the Premium Service Terms & Conditions link




















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