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Premium Ad Terms & Conditions

Premium Services:

(i) Premium Ad
(ii) Top-Ad
(iii) Highlight Ad

Users will be able to purchase one or all premium services.
Premium Services are value-added option available to Users to further enhance the visibility of their advertisement listings on the website.
Types of Premium Services
Users will be able to purchase the following Premium Services


(1) Premium Ad (30 days)
The "Premium Ad" feature entitles advertisement listings of Users to be placed in the gallery that is located in the homes page of the the website. The Ad will appear in the list of other premium ads and will continue to show up in the list for the 30 days. All premium ads have equal chance to appear in the gallery as there are placed in a slider that shifts every few seconds.
The duration of your advertisement will not be extended by the premium service. The duration remains at 30 days from the initial date of posting of the advertisement, unless the advertisement is deleted by the User or administrator in accordance with the terms of Advertising.
The service option can be purchased during insertion of advertisement or or after the advertisement has been approved and published on the Website.


(2) Top Ad Feature (30 days)
Get your ad to the top of the listings. When you purchase the Top Ad feature, your ad will be placed not only in the regular listings, but a second copy will also be placed in the “Top Ad” section, which can be found at the top of a category listings page. Because it is displayed in two separate locations, it has much better exposure.
The top- Ad will rotate among the other Top Ads in the Top Ad section, while your regular ad in the common section will continue down the listings as normal.
The Top-Ad service option can be purchased during insertion of advertisement or or after the advertisement has been approved and published on the Website.


(3) Highlight Feature (7 days)
Highlighted ad stand out from the rest of the many advertisements. The Highlight Ad feature will highlight your ad in yellow in both the search and category listings. This makes your ad stand out against other ads in the category to help gain more views and responses.
Please note:
The Highlight feature does not change the position of your ad in the general listings. Ads that are Highlighted will be visible for a period of 7 days after the date of purchase.

Payment for Purchase of Premium , Top-Ad and Ad-Highlight Service at post Ad
All payments for purchase of any Premium Service shall be made by 2Checkout and credit card.
Payments shall be made at the time of submission of the advertisement listing , through the "Publish Ad" form.
All payments made by user are non-refundable even if an advertisement listing is rejected by Daily Ads for non-compliance with the Daily Ads's Rules of Advertising.
Any Premium Service which is not utilized after the aforesaid 30 day period shall be forfeited.

Note:  The Daily Ads may amend the premium service terms and conditions from time to time. The user is advised to keep checking the upadated terms and conditions on the Site.

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